The Payback book was founded in 2001 on a simple three part philosophy:

  • To help local schools raise (much needed) money – with an easy and profitable fundraiser.
  • To offer area merchants a LOCAL, “neighborhood marketing” strategy – one that also helps in their goal of supporting their community.
  • To save families money CLOSE TO HOME - on eating out, shopping, movies, local attraction and more!

However, unlike other coupon books – Payback was designed specifically for the VANCOUVER area….not Portland.  

It was also decided that Payback would give a generous 50% profit ($10 of the $20 purchase price) for every Payback book that a school sells….an unheard of concept in coupon book fundraising (other similar books start at a mere 20% profit). 

It was this willingness to develop a true “50/50 partnership” with the local schools - while generating new customers for area merchants - that led to the success of the Payback book – and its place today as the favorite choice for Vancouver area families looking for new businesses to visit - and new ways to save money!

And now, with the successful launch of Payback App, more and more families are enjoying great Payback savings - on their smartphones!