Payback Book/App

Helping local schools raise money, while offering merchants a (no fee!) "Neighborhood Marketing" strategy and saving families money on dining, shopping and having fun in their community!

Current Merchants

Whether you're eating out, getting fast food, shopping local, or just picking up groceries, there are savings for you in the Payback Book/App! Check out our list of current merchants to see the savings this year!

Fundraising Info

The key to a successful fundraiser? Offer people some things they actually WANT to buy. After 15 years in business, the Payback Book/App is in high demand each fall because of the great Vancouver area savings it has. Payback Book/Apps sell themselves!

Merchant Marketing

“Word-of-mouth” is always the best way to let people discover your business. Due to local schools using the Payback Book/App as a fundraiser each fall, parents and their schools do an amazing job of promoting local businesses who participate in the Payback Book/App!